Harpreet  Color Visions' Colour Television Assembly operations are conducted at  I-7, Sector -9, Noida which is 20 Kms from New-Delhi.  AI & MI operations for completing PCB assembly are conducted at  state-of-the-art facility in Phase II, Noida.


At Harpreet Color Vision, we recognize that we can strengthen our competitive edge if we produce as much as possible from the same capacity at the lowest possible cost with complete flexibility for just in time deliveries of various Lots of Color TVs’ to our valued customers .


Our sourcing strategy is based on partnership with our key suppliers for timely delivery of quality material at best prices.


Auto Insertion Line: A line consisting of jumper wire, axial insertion, radial insertion machines. The line is capable of handling different range of products such as Invertors, Color Televisions, Telecom boards, CFL, White Good Boards etc.

Touch Up Line: A fully motorized line capable of handling more than 1000 boards per day for the CTV chassis.

Manual Insertion Line: A line with facility of chain conveyor & belt conveyor which is capable of handling boards until 300mm width, with the capacity of making 1000 TV boards per day.



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